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Thank you for considering working on your musical journey with me! I have worked to create a method of teaching that is based on patience and collaboration. I feel that these foundational concepts are crucial to teaching as they require the teacher to have great respect for the students musical journey, and the collaboration is then geared towards a mutual understanding of the experience of music and allows the teacher to gently guide the student based on their expertise. I am also aware that for every person wanting to learn music, there is a near equal number of ways in which a person best interprets the necessary information, so I see it as my job to work with the student to figure out how to best aid them. Throughout my time teaching, I have taught musicians at nearly every level, and at many different ages: young children, folks in their retirement years, and some in between. I consider it a strength of mine that I am able to communicate with all kinds of people and I feel very comfortable doing so, and in fact enjoy it. 

I feel it is very important that the learning space is also a space of inclusion, and thus requires an open and accepting mind from both the teacher and the student.

Lesson Agreement

  • Payment are to be made to me for 4 weeks at a time. 

  • Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours in advance, and the payment for that lesson will be used for the following lesson. if the cancellation is less than 48 hours before the lesson, then there in no guarantee of rescheduling nor refund

  • If you need to cancel a lesson, the lesson can be made up later that week

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